Wednesday, February 17, 2016

シアトルの冬 大統領選 コインの表裏

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ある日本のTVショーを見ていたら、MCがこのコイン投げに触れると並み居る若者達がお揃いで ”ヒィエー” って驚いておりました。 

2016 in America was opened the presidential election and close the year.
Almost all year candidates who are checked from every angle by American people.
And the world has been watching this.
Election between US and Japan we know many different way to elect people. One of it to decide the winner on the front and back sides of the coin when the candidate is to tie in the caucus.
In Iowa Clinton and Sanders's case coin was thrown six times or 9 times.
When I looked at some Japanese TV show, MC is talking about this coin toss there many young Japanese who sit in a row they were so surprised.
This is not happen in Japan even we never think about.
But about Japan's election campaign, candidates are wearing cross multiply with big smile and bow down grasshopper-style was funny.
Anyway candidates are dedicating of your country and the world so desperately, I should not be laughing.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

シアトルの冬 人生120年

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ドナルド トランプさんの様な物言いですね。 
誰もがそのような ”乳と蜜の流れる地” に住める分けでもない、限られた所で生きる者たちにとって、これからは生れ落ちたときから人生120年と社会も自分も設定して、心も頭も体もボケることのない人生設計を確りと立てていく必要がありますね。

"Older people have an obligation to die at the appropriate time."
I hard Ayako Sono (84 years) said so.
Sound like Mr. Trump.  People are making noise about it.
For me to live with father in law who is 93 years old. I understand somehow Mrs Sono talking about. Getting old, losing mind, brain and body need manpower to help them same time getting  selfish only thinking own problems  or  who hesitation around in their old age.
Anyway we are face to the reality of human life has become significantly longer,  there is a need  to reorganize myself and society.
American society decided not live together with old people. but now some system is changing to set up for longer  life over 90 to 120.
We know. There is a place where  longevity village in the world.
That is promised land where people to live getting benefit of yogurt, olive, apricot and hemp seeds etc. People who live in the land they have healthy  old age. We like it. I hope human was created that way of life.
We need to set up our longer life to live with joy.