Sunday, December 13, 2020

シアトルの冬 人間の神聖を讃える祈り       Prayer to Praise Human Divinity










Prayer to Praise Human Divinity "God, we are the living witnesses of your eternal truth, your infinite power, your immutable providence. In your holy work. In a panorama of nature somewhere, we worship the manifestation of your divinity. We are in the rising sun, in the setting sun, in the glittering stars of the night sky. In the tide of the ocean, in the breeze and the pine swaying in the breeze, in the sound of gentle insects, in the clear blue sky, and in all the changing activities of nature. , I can find you.

Also, you can be found in the spirits that dwell in all living things. In humans it manifests itself as a conscious individual being. He has taken humans to that higher stage in order to engage with you in the endless creative work of the universe.

You have bestowed many of your holy attributes on humans. As a matter of course, human beings have the spiritual qualities, and as a matter of course, they have a more delicate power beyond physical life, that is, the spiritual ability to perceive spiritual power.

What makes it possible to live a life is nothing but that psychic power. It is the psychic power that makes human beings super-excluded from all creations. The ability to think, make judgments, reflect, make decisions, admire beauty, praise beauty, bestow wisdom, realize its true value, acquire knowledge, and cherish it. It's a fool.

It is also psychic that you can feel the inspiration from the higher world. It is only with psychics that we can go to those who cannot bear the burden of life.

It is also because of the power of the spirit that we can perceive the existence of the spiritual world and recognize the fact that the inhabitants of that world are trying to use humans for wider service activities. It is also the power of the spirit to make us understand our position in the great mechanism of the endless universe.

We are those who want to spread the knowledge about what makes humans fulfill their original role, and what makes them wear what is appropriate for the afterlife.

Only then will humans be able to get rid of the darkness that is now clouding their eyes. Only then will we be able to live in wisdom, truth, enlightenment, harmony and peace.

Only then will the compatriots be able to help us understand the true connection with you, the purpose of living, and the existence of a larger world of life that lies beyond what humans call death. Let's do it

Silver Birch

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