Tuesday, July 11, 2023

シアトルの夏 私がこうして存在することの真の理由、

The real reason why I exist

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 Oh Great White Spirit,who are the genesis of creation,the supreme power the arbiter of all destiny,we express our gratitude for everything that we have received.

We are grateful for the light that has illumined the dark places for us,for us,for the knowledge that has made us understand Thee better and also ourselves,for the wesdom that has bathed us with its glory and radiance.

We are grateful for all that has enabled us to understand the reason for our bring,the purpose that lies behind the universe and the love that has constantly guided us.

We are grateful for all who have made the way possible,the pioneers who have laboured and the reformers who struggled,the teachers,the philosophers,the sages,all who have sought to instruct and to help,some not recognized in their earthly day and others still unknown .

We are grateful for all the richness that has been showered upon us,We raise our voices in thankfulness and ask that we may indeed be worthy and inspired so to order our lives that we in our turn can be Thy channels,helping to fulfil Thy purpose and serve those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is the prayer of Thy Indian servant who seeks always to serve.

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