Thursday, June 17, 2021

シアトルの夏 生命の生命たるゆえんは絶え間ない向上にあります。 Life can only be life in at developmental.












"What is the proportion of" new "spirits and" old "spirits born on earth?"

"It's impossible to even give an approximate number to such a question, but maybe it's about the same percentage."

"In that case, there will always be spirits with a high degree of evolution and spirits with a low degree of evolution on the earth."

"Of course, that's the case. Otherwise, evolution wouldn't exist. Life can't be stationary because it's life-if it does, it means stagnation. Life is rhythm. It is movement. It is progress. It is development. It is development. That is, The reason for life is constant improvement. If life does not have a regular ladder, it goes up the ladder one step further. Without a regular journey, life is no longer life. Life can only be life in a wide variety of evolutionary variations at developmental stages.

If all human beings are at the same stage of development-if perfection is fulfilled and there is no need for further effort, no new goals, no greater room for manifestation, what is the willingness to live? You will lose your willingness to achieve it. The reason for life is constant improvement. At this stage, we are trying to get something that is out of reach. That effort-the spirit finds the true ego and the divinity comes into play in the effort to conquer something, to overcome the difficulties. "

Silver Birch 

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