Tuesday, June 22, 2021

シアトルの夏 人類は苦しみつつも、一歩一歩、光明へ向けて進化しております     Human beings are suffering, but step by step, they are evolving toward light.








Today, thanks to advances in science and technology, news goes around the globe in seconds. What happened tens of thousands of kilometers away was shown on television and reported on the radio at about the same time, and appeared in the evening edition of the day. The problem is that most of the news reported on the benefits of such great science and technology is all about violence and tragic events.

However, according to Silver Birch, humanity is still evolving. One day, at a séance with two guests, he mentioned it and said:

"The earthly world is steadily improving with only one serious cause. The cause is that the" spiritual power "is working. The place where the spiritual power is poured, the competent Where spiritual power is manifested through tools (mediums and psychics), the work of spiritual renewal will surely begin, and the values ​​of things will gradually change through that work.

Without the fall of spiritual power under the massive organizational structure that began almost a century ago (the Hysville incident of 1884), the terrestrial world would have been even more serious. must. This is because the potential rehabilitation power has worked on the whole world.

Its potential also started with just a few drops. It gathered power and became a stream, created a large river, became the sea, and now wraps the earth in an amount that is not worried about exhaustion. We are completely changing the flow of history. It is bringing innovation to the perspective of human life. That is because the element of "spirit", an eternally immutable element, was introduced. Without it, life would be meaningless, irrational, and purposeless.

Science, philosophy, religion, art, ethics, morality, music, literature-in short, the recognition of the superiority of the "spirit" born from the proof of the fact that human beings survive beyond death in all fields of human life is its significance. I have changed the way I think about it. Sometimes it has been unavoidable to retreat, but overall it is moving forward, and while suffering, humanity is evolving step by step toward light. "

          Silver Birch


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