Sunday, May 30, 2021

シアトルの夏 人生の暗部に属する勢力との絶え間ない闘い It is our job to constantly struggle with the forces that belong to the dark side of life, s










"Try everything. Encourage whatever the opponent of vested interests does. Instill the spirit of the new reform everywhere.

Don't expect anything to be achieved in a dazzling flash of light. There is no choice but to try that trick. It's just like "intravenous drip, piercing stones".

The size of our work is a different dimension. It's not that an ignorant person is trying to create a phenomenon in which he opens his mouth open and is surprised, with his eyes rounded and impressed. It doesn't even try to gather a large crowd and make them believe at once.

It is our job to constantly struggle with the forces that belong to the dark side of life, such as selfishness and selfishness. Prejudice, superstition, mistakes, jealousy, greed, greed-we are fighting these things.

Therefore, we are working through those who are on earth and who promote such purposes-the ones who have a receptive mind, the ones who have a receptive spirit, and the ones who have a receptive soul. Initially it was a series of difficulties. The rebels were tremendous and the obstacles seemed very difficult to overcome. However, I did my best with the belief that there would be no setbacks if I had the power of the spirits behind me and the activities of my courageous collaborators who were faithful even if there were only a few.

Today, you can see the fruits of the hardships and hardships of nearly 100 years. However, it is not the number of things compared to what will be achieved in the future. This is because the situation is already reversed. We are advancing toward victory, and no one on earth can stop that momentum.

At first glance, it's calm, but it's still powerful, and we're on the way to victory. Light conquers darkness, knowledge defeats ignorance, joy replaces sadness, and truth becomes the victor. "

   Silver Birch 

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