Thursday, June 2, 2022

シアトルの初夏 真実の意味での祈りは大きな霊的活動です。Truthful prayer is a great spiritual activity.



 「何とぞ私を役立たせ給え」───これ以上の祈りの言葉はありません。「大霊とその子らのために、自分を役立たせたい」 と祈ることよりも偉大なる仕事、大いなる愛、崇高なる宗教、高邁なる哲学はありません。





Sincerity prayer makes the act itself more sensitive to higher wavelengths. Praying itself opens the heart. However, the prayer must be heart, soul, and spiritual. A mere request, such as wanting you to do this, or wanting you to do it, is not just prayer. Truthful prayer is a great spiritual activity.

I think the most accurate expression is that it is a means to some purpose, not the purpose itself.

"How can I help you?" ─── There are no more words of prayer. There is no greater work, greater love, noble religion, no higher philosophy than praying, "I want to help myself for the spirits and their children."

It doesn't matter what you do. You can teach the spiritual meaning of providence, give something to eat to those who are hungry, or make them feel cheerful to those who are gloomy. In other words, anything that benefits the person is fine.

Even if you leave yourself behind, the more you learn to do something useful for others, the more your inner spirituality, the great spirit, will manifest. It's easy.
However, the priests build a church and give a mysterious sermon in it. Sprinkle with difficult terms that I don't understand, and perform rituals that I believe to be "religious." But I don't care about that.

Go to the person who is about to get tired and cheer him up, give the tired one a rest, feed the hungry one, give the thirsty one a drink, Let the person who is sinking in the dark find a new light. At that time, the providence of the spirit is working through you.

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