Saturday, June 11, 2022

シアトルの初夏 神とはこういうものですと、ひとまとめにしてお見せすることはできません。If God is such a thing, it cannot be shown together.









What is God?

If God is such a thing, it cannot be shown together. Because he is infinite. Any language, concept, or illustration is finite. The little ones cannot embrace the big ones. However, if you look at the universe, you will understand what my spirit is like.

It is regulated by the law of nature (Note) to the last, and the distribution is perfect even in every corner of the phenomenon of ever-changing. From the microscopic world to the majestic maximal world, everything that lives, exercises, breathes, in short, exists in the universe, is controlled by the laws of nature.

There is nothing that is not subject to the rule of the law. The seasons go around one by one, the earth rotates on the earth's axis, and the tide repeats ebb and flow. No matter what kind of seeds you sow, it is the inside that sprouts. The true nature comes out.

The law is absolute. New discoveries, whatever and wherever they are made, are controlled by the same laws. Nothing will be forgotten. Nothing is overlooked. Nothing is ignored.

What is working as that law? It is an infinite existence. He is not like the giant in the Old Testament. He is not such a whimsical and angry god who is full of revenge and spreads plague on the earth when he is in a bad mood. Tracing history and evolution, we can see that human society is gradually improving and evolving from its undeveloped, and that the power behind it is of a charity-oriented nature.

So the infinite love and wisdom that governs everything, governs everything, oversees everything, and exists in everything, is something that you gradually realize as your spiritual evolution evolves. I call it the "ghost."

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