Wednesday, April 20, 2022

シアトルの春 人間は生まれる前も、今も、そしてこれからもずっと霊です。Humans are spirits before, now, and forever.










Another day's séance also addressed questions from readers around the world. One of them was, "I know the destination after the death, but where does the spirit come from?" Then I got a response like Silver Birch.

"Does that person really know where he is going after his death? Where are he going?"

To this question, the member who read the letter to the editor on the right said, "I think it means going to the next world ..."

"That way you use the very vague term, such as" the next world, "but the world of life is one. It has innumerable stages. You are still in the spirit world. You are and will be in the spirit world forever. It's just that the wavelengths of the vibrations are different. In the same sense, human beings have been and will continue to be spiritual beings. "Death" does not make you a spirit-it does not enhance your spirituality by a millimeter.

Humans are spirits before, now, and forever. Currently, he is conscious of only the part that is manifested through the institution called the body. With the evolution after the so-called "death", the parts that had not been manifested until then are gradually revealed, but as a "spirit", it does not go anywhere. I didn't come from anywhere. It has existed since the past, it still exists, and it will continue to exist. "

One of the members, "What kind of form did you express before you had a form of expression on the ground? I think that is what this questioner wants to ask."

"Although it has existed as a spirit for a long time, it does not exist as an individual until it dwells in the form of that substance. The spirit has individuality when it is connected to the physical body."

"Is it correct to think that the individuality of animals kept by humans is promoted by the connection with their owners?"

"No thank you"

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