Wednesday, July 28, 2021

シアトルの夏 霊的な援助は必ず背後霊を通して届けられるのでしょうか Is spiritual help always delivered through the Guardian spirit








"Is spiritual help always delivered through the  Guardian spirit-rather than the ghosts being directly involved?"

"There is absolutely no direct involvement by the Great Sprit. It is not a human being in the sense you can imagine.

Instead, as symbolized by the story of the "Jacob's Ladder" (Old Testament), there is a spiritual hierarchy from the lowest to the highest, with a myriad of intermediaries. is. The higher you go, the more divine will and wisdom you express.

So, as humans open their minds, develop and improve their spirituality, they will be able to reach out to higher beings with greater spiritual power, greater knowledge, and greater understanding. As servants of the Great Spirit, they are all voluntarily involved in the work of helping to improve the human existence of this entire universe. In this world, the more you improve and evolve, the more you realize that you should give something else that you have gained.

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