Saturday, February 19, 2022

シアトルの冬 〝なぜあなた方はお子さんを学校へ通わせるのですか〟"Why do you send your child to school?"













─── Why does the spirit world and the material world exist? Why can't we just have one spirit world?

The answer to that is the same as the answer to the question "Why do you send your child to school?" This is to prepare students for the various situations they face in their lives after leaving school.

For the same reason, I come to the material world. Living on the ground provides opportunities for various experiences and challenges to prepare for the life that comes after leaving the ground. It's a learning process to prepare for the next stage.

The material world, the spirit world, and the endlessly expanding universe are manifestations of the absolute energy that you call the God, the Great Spirit. It is the highest power that exists in the universe. It's endless. There is no beginning or end. The wisdom is also infinite. That love is also infinite. Its storage is also endless.

The work of the natural law side, which is an expression of the will of the spirit, is absolute. There is no phenomenon that has occurred or will occur between the universes and has not been taken into consideration by its function.

The laws of the human world are constantly being revised due to unexpected circumstances. But the laws of nature are perfect. There is nothing that does not work. No one, no one, maximal / minimal, complex / simple, nothing goes beyond its work.

Everything, every environment, every circumstance, every phenomenon between the universes is regulated by the law of immutability and immortality.

That is why, first and foremost, I devote my reverence to that absolute spirit. No one is better than this in majesty and profoundness. The grandeur of that intellect cannot be expressed in the language of the earth.

I have been on a journey of life that spans the shadows for longer than any of you, and I am still amazed at the perfection of nature's providence working in all dimensions of being.

I would like to say that, what exists in the universe exists because it has some role. If you live in harmony with the providence of nature, you will benefit from it in the form of health, happiness, spiritual brightness, and spiritual traits. That is because it is nothing but demonstrating the inherent divinity.

It is important to recognize that you are trying to understand infinite things with finite intelligence.

   Silver Birch 

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