Tuesday, February 1, 2022

シアトルの冬 真の自我は肉体でもなく幽体でもなくて、いったい何なのでしょう? What is the true ego, neither the body nor the spirit?









─── What is the true ego, neither the body nor the spirit?

"Whatever you call it, after all, it's just a term. Since words are from the three-dimensional world, we can't completely express anything beyond words. Therefore, there are terms that can correctly express what a spirit is. There is no such thing.

The spirit is not material. It's not three-dimensional. It doesn't have a place of existence. It does not occupy space like the body.

Depending on your physical senses, you cannot see, hear, or touch. That spirit is real. A spirit is a vital force. The spirit is power. The spirit is part of the spirit of the universe.

Therefore, you human beings are the existence of the Trinity. There is a physical body, there is a spiritual body, and there is a soul (spirit). If you want to replace them all with different terms, do so. But it doesn't mean anything. It's just tinkering with the term. The soul is a divine spark. It is a part of the spirit that dwells inside.

You are not that body. That body is not you. The spiritual body is the medium used to continue expressing the ego after the physical body collapses and returns to the earth. The true ego does not exist on the outside, on the surface, in the shell, etc. The inner core, the soul, the center, the soul, the life, that is, the "God" that is latent in you.

Because the spirit is an infinite being, it follows infinite manifestations and gradual changes. There is a series of bodies, which are called astrals and ethers, but they are also manifestations of a single spirit. Don't be fooled by the terminology. Words are just tools. "

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