Thursday, August 5, 2021

シアトルの夏 そもそも生命とは何かという問題ですが、      what life is,






Let's change the explanation. First of all, the question is what life is, but I think that human beings on earth cannot understand it. The reason is that life is essentially a substance. It is different and cannot be the subject of so-called physicochemical research.

So, I often say that life is the spirit of the universe, and that spirit is the spirit of the universe, which means that human beings are conscious, breathe, walk, and think. It is said that the spirit of the universe, the god, is the power behind the pulsating work of nature, such as the power of trees, young leaves, birds singing, flowers blooming, and waves rushing to the shore. .. It is part of the same spiritual power and an expression.

The very fact that you are living here now means that you are also a spirit. Therefore, the essence of psychic healing is to inject the spiritual power at various stages according to the degree of spiritual evolution of the patient who is also a spirit.

As you know, some illnesses are caused by the soul and some are purely physical. The physical ones need to be touched directly by the healer, but the spiritual ones utilize the current vitality. However, this method also has its limitations. The degree of evolution of you (Edwards), the degree of evolution of the two collaborators (Mr. and Mrs. Burton), and the degree of evolution of the patient who receives the treatment, these three are the limits that can be created naturally. We also have to consider what is called karma. It is causality. This works regardless of time and place. "

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