Sunday, August 22, 2021

シアトルの晩夏 組織的教義というものをかなぐり捨てることです。 throwing away the organizational doctrine.

アラン・カルデック 霊の書






Allan Kardec ”The Spirits Book”

 But keep in mind that God's attributes transcend any intellect on earth and can never be expressed in an earthly language that only expresses human concepts and sensations. ..

ーIs God separate from the physical universe, or, as one faction claims, the total energy and intellect of the universe?ー

"If it is the latter, then God is no longer God, because it is the result, not the cause. God is the ultimate cause, not both cause and effect. 
God is real. There is no doubt about that. That is the ultimate and most important point. Don't go beyond that. You will end up in a maze with no exit. That kind of logic game doesn't do any good. It only amplifies the complacency that seems to have become great, and in fact, it remains unknown.

It's about throwing away the organizational doctrine. There should be plenty of things to think about. Start with yourself. It's about reflecting on your imperfections and correcting them. It's far wise than trying to know what you can't know. "

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