Tuesday, May 31, 2022

シアトルの春 人間は肉体を通して自我を表現している霊魂なのです。Human beings are souls that express their ego through their bodies.










"My view is inevitably different from the theory on earth. You have to think about the problem from a physical point of view. Living in the physical world, food, clothes, dwellings. Because they have worldly problems.

The very essence of such daily life is drawing attention to the physical world in which it resides.

Even if you are told to think about everyday problems from an eternal perspective, it is not easy to do. But from our point of view, you are the same spiritual beings. It is the same in that it is a pilgrim who follows the path of endless evolution.

It is clear that this earth where we live now is not an eternal residence. Considering the eternal path from now on, it is only a momentary event such as life on the ground. Our field of view is wide-focused. We also answer the questions you receive in the light of spiritual truth.

Considering what value the truth has in human life, how it should be useful to other compatriots, and how useful it is.

So far, I'm sick and tired of the fact that the truth I preach is simple and naive, and that the only religion is to serve myself for the sake of others. I have said it repeatedly. As long as our perception of truth is different from the common sense on earth, we have no choice but to do so.

Most humans think that only the earth is the world where humans live. Believing that the present life is all about human life, he tries to accumulate physical things there, even though he must eventually die and leave.

There are too many people who do not know the mystery of life that human beings are worthy spiritual beings at this point, that is, human beings are not only physical beings, even in the many wars, bloodsheds, tragedy, and illnesses. Because. Human beings are souls that express their ego through their bodies.

It grows and develops the soul through life in the physical world of the earth, preparing for life in the original spiritual world that begins after death. "

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