Monday, May 23, 2022

シアトルの春 霊力は勝手に制約したり命令したりすることはできません。Spiritual power cannot be arbitrarily constrained or commanded.






The original purpose of our return to the earth is to inspire the souls of humans with listening ears to play the role of human beings on earth for the construction of a new world.

In the terrestrial world, blind obedience to form is overwhelming. Too much convention, I have no interest in anything other than disseminating knowledge and using it to educate those who are still in the dark.

There is only one religion for me. Helping myself for others ─── That's all, churches, shrines, beliefs, doctrines, I'm not really interested in these things. Action / Life / Motivation ─── This is the evaluation.

What a person who has acquired spiritual knowledge must keep in mind in order to properly disseminate it must not be in a situation where it is obstructed from the essential spirit world by forcing it. about it.

Spiritual power cannot be arbitrarily constrained or commanded. If it is seen that it can be expressed, it will flow in through any person. We want such tools, mediums, ordinary men and women ─── people who have a mental structure that accepts spiritual power, speaks spiritual teachings, and conveys knowledge. This is a problem that you can't take it easy.

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