Monday, January 17, 2022

シアトルの冬 あなたの誕生日にある星が地平線上にあったからといって、その星によってあなたの生涯が運命づけられていると考えるのは間違いです。It is a mistake to think that a star on your birthday is destined for your life just because it was on the horizon.

質問───スピリチュアリストの中にはスピリチュアリズムを占星術と同類とみて      いる人がいます。そういう人たちは地上の出来ごとは星によって宿命づけられ操られていると考えています。









Question (2) ─── Some spiritualists see spiritualism as akin to astrology.
There are people. For such people, the events on the ground are destined and manipulated by the stars.
I think there is.

"Life phenomena consist of a series of vibrations, radioactive materials, and propellants, so it is certain that human beings are also influenced by all beings or living beings in nature. It is true that they are influencing them. However, none of them have the fateful power that can't be helped.

It is a mistake to think that a star on your birthday is destined for your life just because it was on the horizon.

Every planet, every nature, every being between the universes, every life form has some effect. But you are the ruler of your soul. You have a responsibility that you have to carry on your own, and you decide your destiny according to your spiritual progress.

Planets in astrology certainly have radioactive substances that affect the human body, and if they affect the human body, the spirit will also affect them. But the spirit is absolute. It's better than everything. So no star, planet, constellation, or nebula has the power to thwart its spiritual power to overcome its effects on the human body.

I mean you, in short, because you are part of God, and because you are part of the power that created this universe, because you have divinity, because you have creativity. Means that you can overcome the force of trying to control your body.

To put it simply, I am one of the influences. The people you associate with also have some influence. The book you read is also influential. But it's just an influence. It won't overwhelm you, and you won't be absolutely dominated. "

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