Wednesday, October 13, 2021

シアトルの秋 何の代価も支払わずして入手できるものは、この地上界には一つもないということです。   There is nothing in this earthly world that can be obtained without paying any price.







But let me tell you another providence. There is nothing in this earthly world that can be obtained without paying any price. Increasing the value of spiritual abilities means increasing spiritual sensitivity. If you neglect it and get rid of it to make money, even if you are said to be rich in that world, you will end up with a poor and poor soul in this world.

Human beings have the wealth of divinity, which is more precious than anything else, inside. It is part of the spirit. No matter where you look on earth, there is no comparable wealth or treasure. I am trying to teach you how to explore the veins inside that soul and bring out the diamonds buried in the depths of your physical nature.

To do so, it must be responsive to the vibrations of the highest planes of the spiritual world. Also, I want you to know that you are not alone at one time, and that there are always many people around you who love you, watching over, guiding, helping, and inspiring you.

As spirituality develops in such a situation, it gradually approaches the spirit and harmonizes with its providence.

Even if you say that you serve the spirit, you are serving the earthly compatriots who are the children of the spirit. When you are doing something useful for your compatriots, you will be embraced by God's infinite arms and wrapped in his love, which will bring you complete peace.

   Silver Birch 

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