Thursday, September 6, 2018

シアトルの初秋 国際法を守らない人と国

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大紀元ーエポック タイムスーより抜粋

その昔ロシアも同じようにして、「ロシアはソビエト社会主義共和国連邦 Союз Советских Социалистических Республик)と同一の存在だ」と思われたものでした。




The difference between "China" and "Communist Party of China"
For many years, the Communist Party of China has intentionally shaped the image that "China is the same as the Communist Party of China." For that reason many Chinese and foreigners have forgotten that "China and the CCP are different things". As a result, policies to contain the Communist Party's unified fighting operations have been criticized as "political discrimination" or "national disdain" under the name of Political Collect.
To be precise, the Communist Party of China is an evil spiritual regime coming from the West and is not compatible with Chinese traditional culture. China was infested by the Chinese Communist government and the Chinese people unfortunately became slaves of the Chinese Communist government.

- Epic Times 

In the past, Russia also had the same existence, "Russia is the same as the Soviet Socialist Republic Federationー Союз Советских Социалистических Республик".
Now Russia was released that spell, the favorable culture which Russia has originally has been regained while being plagued by the after effects of the abominable era.
We also know that advanced cultures have been developed from ancient times in China, the birthplace of the four major civilizations.
Communist China is shaking the world Now that we want for China must released from Communist spells as soon as possible, we must know the realities of communism  and reveal their wrongs.

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