Monday, August 20, 2018

シアトルの盛夏 山火事



「本日は ”子供は家の中にいるように。" とのお達しがあった」と隣の奥さんが言っております。




Fire fighting activity is continuing in various places in the Washington state as well as the neighboring Oregon state and British Columbia Canada, the sky in the state of Washington is covered by smoke that Seattle is no exception.
At this time of last year there was a mountain fires closer from our area so the ashes covered everywhere in our house.
Lady next door who says  "Today, kids must stayed inside  house. There was a warning."
Seattle is also suffering  of the worldwide heat, it is hard to close the window staying at home. How can we protect ourselves?
It is said the smoke is across the Atlantic Ocean, reaching Ireland and the UK.
Many people are suffering by forest fires occurring every year. Is there no way to solve it yet?

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