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シアトルの初秋 世に危険なもの

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大紀元ーエポック タイムスより抜粋


文明の生態史観 (1967年) 梅棹 忠夫 より抜粋

この二つの記述。一つは ”共産主義は西洋から来た悪霊” と言い、もう一つは ”乾燥地帯は悪魔の巣だ。” と言っています。


それにしても気になるのは ”共産主義は中国伝統文化とは相入れない存在だ。”という記述です。

”中国伝統文化” とは何でしょうか? 4大文明の発祥の地であり、世界に通用する多くのよい文化があります。私も気功を齧っていますから、気功の効能はよく知るものですし、孔子や老子なぞ生活倫理を解いた多くの先人達の教えは、何処においても通用する良い市民を育てるはずのものであるのを承知しながらも、”共産主義は中国伝統文化とは相入れない存在だ” とう言い方を真に受けきれるものでしょうかね。

中国の負の部分は、共産主義抜きにしても、昔も今も変わらない人間性の抹殺、法と秩序を守らない etc.。チベットやウイグルで、何が行われているかも世に知られています。



To be precise, the Communist Party of China is an evil spiritual regime coming from the West and is not compatible with Chinese traditional culture. China was infested by the Chinese Communist government and the Chinese people unfortunately became slaves of the Chinese Communist government.

Excerpt from Epoch Times

"The arid zone is a devil's nest, how can a group of human beings emerging from a wide area of ​​the arid region show such a vigorous destructive power I am a researcher of my nomads Even though I started with the theme of ecology of the civilization, I still can not say precise things about its cause.Anyway, from the very beginning, everything was quite a messy people from this arid region, We crawled around the world like a storm, after which civilization often suffered a bad blow to healing. "

Ecological historical view of civilization (1967) Excerpt from Tadao Umeno

These two descriptions. One calls "Communism is the evil spirit from the West", and the other says "the arid zone is the devil's nest."
The struggle regardless of east or west is going to say "Do not say you" to each other. For supremacy conflicts, the most victims are ordinary people.
Even so, I do not agree that  statement it is said "Communism is not compatible with traditional Chinese culture."
What is "traditional Chinese culture"? It is the birthplace of the four major civilizations and there are many good cultures that pass through the world. Because of  qigong this I am practicing, I know good for people. and the teachings of Confucius and many pioneers who  are supposed to teach to be a good citizen . but I wonder if I can truly accept the word  "not compatible with Chinese traditional culture"
The negative part of China in history even now, we know, even without communism, country does not follow the law and order, never respect the humanity that has not changed. Suffering people under China in Tibet and Uyghur are known to the world. Since history, the political form was only dictatorship. It seems like a history in terms of the  wide area of ​​the arid region. In the current China, the negative part is so big that making a  world dangerous country that with Communism. Because the devil called Communism likes the negative part of people and country. 

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