Sunday, September 6, 2020

シアトルの初秋 最善を尽くしておればよろしい。   I'll do my best.








"I would say, how long we had to wait for you to awaken to spiritual truth. The Great Spirit has been in control of this universe You know it's the most important.
You won't bother. I'll do my best. That's all we need.
Everyone makes mistakes. You should learn from that mistake. Anyone can fall. I hope you get up soon and start walking again. Some people will not listen to you even if you preach. However, the number of people who understand will surely increase.
 You cannot change society at once. Similarly, changing a person's way of life is not easy. Remember that it is you, not you, that change. All you have to do is fulfill your responsibilities as a person who knows the truth. We are not responsible for others.
Therefore, do your best. It's about being useful for people no matter where you are. Share what you have received with others. Please be glad if you are willing to receive it.
If you don't receive it, let me walk the way that person thinks. You will be able to bring in the person you should give your hand to.''

Silver Birch

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