Sunday, August 16, 2020

シアトルの夏 自由意志も自発性も  free will and willingness

「神秘的な雲 画像」の画像検索結果







スピリチャリズムによる福音 アラン カデラック

If God knows all that we need, we need to restate it to God, and some people deny the effect of prayer. He also says that our wishes cannot change the will of God if everything in the universe moves by eternal law.
There is undoubtedly an immutable law of nature that God cannot cancel in response to each individual's whims. But that's a big mistake to believe that under all circumstances of life, you must just give up on your destiny. If so, mankind can only be passive,
It becomes impossible to have free will and willingness. Before the event of fate, one simply loses his head. Whether we avoid such events or move away from the crisis, God has not given us uninterested understanding and intelligence.
It didn't give me the desire not to want it. He didn't give me the power to do anything. Because a person can act freely, the result according to the decision made by that person is also himself. Others can also get it.
There is an event that can be removed from destiny by that person's spontaneity. But that doesn't mean breaking the harmony of the laws of the universe. In other words, the mechanism of the clock that moves the hands is the same whether the hands of the clock are delayed or advanced.
In other words, God may listen to some wishes according to the will, without canceling the invariance of the rules governing the whole.

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