Monday, August 10, 2020

シアトルの夏 物質はただの“殻”であり、実在は霊なのです。The material world is nothing more than a shadow created by the light of eternal spirit.


物質界というのは永遠の霊の光によって生じた影にすぎません。 物質はただの“殻”であり、実在は霊なのです。 

The material world is nothing more than a shadow created by the light of eternal spirit. The substance is just a “shell”, and the reality is the spirit.
It is the spirit that gives life to the unconscious. That spirit makes you aware of yourself. The spirit was the breath of God and the breath of human beings by the Great Spirit, and from that point on, it became a living being with self-consciousness.
It is the spirit that gives humanity divinity. That spirit lifted humans from the primitive forms of life to the stage they are today. It is their spirituality that is different from ordinary birds. It is the spirituality that makes fellow people want to do virtuous acts. It is the spirituality that makes us forget about ourselves and entertain our hearts for others. It is the spirituality that makes me try to be even better. You can hear the voice of conscience because it is spiritual. You are not just a substance. It is a spirit. It is the same as the power that runs this entire universe and the entire life that lives in it.
In humans, its cosmic spirit and its great life force are manifested with individuality. Human beings are individual beings. It is a small spark of flames with a divinity. It is an integral part of the god you say, the soul I say. Its spirituality is not lost at all in death. It cannot be extinguished by the cremation flame. Nothing in this entire universe has the power to extinguish its spirituality.'' 
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