Sunday, March 31, 2019

シアトルの春  花たちの準備

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It is April. Month of Easter.
There are the flowers that has been delayed because of the  historical snowfall in Seattle, but They are working hard to dress up their best for Easter.
After a long snowfall, the flowers and leaves are crushed and flatten, so it will take  time to prepare the leaves and stems to strait up.
Under such circumstances, the narcissus were finally in full bloom, and the tulips began to have buds.
Last year,  tulips that were completely eaten by baby rabbits, so this year I planted them in large pots that rabbits can not reach.
I was worried that this year's snow would kill tulips. So rabbits  would laugh at me., but they are saved.
The garden trees has lost some of branches also the main branches are bent. I am trying to straighten with a splint.
Anyway hey are preparing  for Easter by restoring the crush here and there.

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