Friday, March 15, 2019

シアトルの弥生 春は名のみの、夏が来る!

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それよ! と、雪かき分けて雪かきシャベルやソルトを買いに行っても売り切れ、次の日に行っても売り切れ。




その様なわけで、私界隈においては、「美しい雪景色」と感嘆する人はほとんど無く、わずかな雪にウンザリしていました。更に ”グローバル ウオーミング” なぞと口走る人は一人としておりません。





Winter in Seattle, we had a  heavy snow that have been for the after in 70 years. Son who says, "I have never seen such a big snow,"  I said, "You were not born 70 years ago,"
Well,  my husband went around store to get snow shovels  and salt, they were all sold out.

Last weekend, we had a lot of snow again, and my son screamed, "too much!". He kept car on the street because no hill there.
Seattle, we are not used to snow, even we have a lot of struggling of  a little snow. There are many hills, and there are not enough snow plows in the city, so it is difficult for cars to drive on small roads.

There are no system for residents work together for snow removal.  "I had to scoop the snow alone .." My friend who just moved from Alaska lamented.

That's why,  people who didn't say  "beautiful snow scene", and  Furthermore, there is no one talk  about the "Global Warming" .

However, temperature has started to rise, and in a few days it will be 72F. is.

Look ! !  Deer has appeared! It is a young 3 female deer . When were you born? Luckily, it was good I  fixed the the fence of the vegetable garden and flower garden yesterday which was broken by snow. otherwise you will be eaten all yang leaves. I hope they have enough food in woods.

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