Monday, December 3, 2018

シルバーバーチの霊訓4章 シルバーバーチ霊団の使命  The mission of Silver Birch

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金中心のグローバリストとかグローバル思考とかは、間近くは、カルロス ゴーン氏をして私たちは目撃いたしました。





We realized Mr. Carlos Ghosn as money-based global list and global thinking.
So it is important for us to learn globalism and global thinking centering on God.

ーSilver Birchー
As our spiritual lessons are understood, the separation between the peoples of the earth will disappear. The barriers between countries will be eliminated. Differences in ethnic merit or difference, difference in class, difference in skin color, and distinction between churches, chapels and temples will also disappear.That is because there is no absolute religion in religion and every religion in the world embraces a part of the truth of the universe and valuable to his religion The truth that is not valuable to any other religion conflicts with the truth the other religion prefers It will come to understand that it is not.

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