Friday, December 7, 2018

シルバーバーチの霊訓 4巻8章 霊的な宝の泉 Silver Birch 4-8 spiritual treasure of the fountain

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Human beings are showing great interest in the eating habits for maintaining and promoting health everyone. Although it does not necessarily conform to the law of health, however, there are few people who know that mind and spirit also need growth.
Those people spiritually look like they are living their ears for the rest of their lives and keeping their eyes closed. I do not know that there is a spiritual treasure of the fountain which is not exhausted.
I have not even seen a glimpse of the beauty that the mind and spirit can enjoy. I do not know that anyone has spiritual talent. It develops inner peace and makes us know the splendor of greater aspects of life.
It is obvious that the development of spirituality itself is more important than anything. This is done in the private human quiet of individual humans.
In that silence, it will be united with the spiritual power that stirs around. Then, the great existence and wavelength of the bigger world will match, you can ingest everything from inspiration and wisdom, knowledge and truth, in other words from infinite treasures of God. The treasure awaits being used. "

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