Thursday, February 2, 2017

シアトルの真冬 アメリカファーストとは





時を経て、自由の国アメリカと言われ、自由だけが独り歩きをしだし、アメリカの理念が崩れ始め崩れに崩れ、果ては世界中から自分勝手な自由を持ち込む人々に迎合するようになり、信仰の自由さえもが奪われだして久しく、Merry Christmas はポリティカルコレクトネスで Happy Holiday が正しいというまでにさえなってしまっています。



There is a philosophy of the American foundationIn November 1620 the Puritans who  lives on freedom of religion reached the unknown world of the America. The origins of American faith as a Christian country started from them. In addition, Mayflower Compact has the prototype of a citizen contract that forms the modern society that became the foundation of the United States later. It is civil liberty and freedom of religion.
 In order to promote the better order and maintenance of the settlements and to promote the aforementioned objectives, we decided to make a contract with each other solemnly in front of God and each other, and to join ourselves to political civic groups.

Time passed by, it is said that America is the country of freedom, only freedom walks alone, the idea of ​​America collapses and it collapses, eventually becoming compatible with people bringing selfish freedom from all over the world, faithless freedom has been deprived for a long time, Merry Christmas is even political collectivity it is said Happy Holiday is right.
Americans are beginning to notice, let's get back what we have lost. In other words, I interpret America First as the top priority of America's basic philosophy.

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