Sunday, April 25, 2021

シアトルの春 砂の粒なしに山は存在しないのです。  without a grain of sand there is no mountain

   「スピリティズムによる福音」  アラン・カルデック著 


(フェヌロン ポアチエ、1861年)


"The Gospel According to Spiritism" by Allan Kardec
Bend over to the gust of wind that signals the arrival of a storm and avoid being overthrown by the wind. In other words, be prepared not to encounter the same stupid virgins that her husband unexpectedly returned and was struck.
The revolution being prepared is a moral revolution rather than a material revolution. The great spirits of God's messenger blow the wind of devotion and direct all of you, clear and enthusiastic workers, to hear your humble voice.

You are a grain of sand, but without a grain of sand there is no mountain. Just saying "we are small" is not enough. Each person has a mission and is given a job. Aren't the ants building their nests for communal living, and the insignificant microbes creating the continent?

It is the beginning of a new crusade. Apostles of Peace in the Universe, look ahead and move forward, not by war, but as modern-day St. Bernard. The law of the world is the law of progress. 
(Fenuron Poitiers, 1861)

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