Monday, August 19, 2019

シアトルの夏 あなた方は神の中にいるのです     The Great Spirit is within you.

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You are never separated from the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit is never separated from you.
    There is nothing you can ever do, no vile crime that you can commit of so degrading an intensity that can ever cut you off from the Great Spirit. The tie that binds you to the Great Spirit is imperishable and therefore you can never be lost.
    You approach the Great Spirit direct, as you learn to allow the Great Spirit to express Himself in your lives. Each one of you has a portion of the Great Spirit and you require nobody to stand between you and the Great Spirit of life.
    That was not the purpose of the Nazarene. He came to teach the people how to live their lives, that the fullness of the Great Spirit might be expressed.
   Theology is the curse of the world of matter. It puts mankind in shackles. It puts his soul in prison. To be freed, he must learn to sever himself from all limiting creeds and restrictive dogmas and to find the unfettered truth that comes in spiritual inspiration. The mind of man cannot exceed the inspiration of the Great Spirit.

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    Psychic Press Ltd, London, 1991,p.102

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