Tuesday, July 16, 2019

シアトルの夏 神は愛の中にも憎しみの中にも God is in love and in hate

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問 いつの世にもその時点での人類の進化の段階からみて不正と思えるものが存在するということでしょうか。








シルバー バーチ

--- Is there anything in the world that seems to be unfair from the stage of human evolution at that time?

"That's right. The more you climb the steps of evolution, the more you will become aware of the things that need to be changed. That's why I say evolution is eternal and say that there is no beginning or end in the universe. There is no end to the path of improvement, it will continue indefinitely.

Each stage is just an indicator of the victory for the previous stages. But if you don't have a low one, you can't get a high one. Life is not monotonous (monotone). Light and haze, fine weather and storms, joy and sadness, love and hate, beauty and jealousy, both good and evil must be aligned. Life is understandable only through such comparisons.

Only through struggle, through struggle, and through overcoming adversity, the human spirit that held the divinity sprouts, and various potentials are exhibited. That's what it is like. I have not decided that. I have made an effort to learn it myself and I am only teaching it to you now.

God as a human being does not exist in any concept other than human beings. The devil as a human being does not exist other than the concept invented by human beings. There is no paradise with a golden glow and no hell anymore.

All that is just an imaginary product of a human with limited vision. God is the law. If you understand that, you will have learned the greatest secrets of life.

Because if we know that the world is invariable and invariable, governed by the law of omniscient power, absolute justice will definitely exist, and it will be forgotten as a person in the great mechanism of the creative activity of the universe It is because you will know that there is no

That is why everything is known. That is why there is nothing wrong with it. That is why every aspect of life is in the proper place in the great mechanisms of the universe. That's why nothing can be missed. No matter how trivial or how huge. Because everything is contained within the rules of law.

It is because everything is a law. It is logical that no one can exist without the law that makes it possible. The law is in absolute rule.

Even though the free will given to human beings can cause confusion and make the work of the law not look right, the law exists rigidly, and it is impossible without having the function. I think Christian theology was a great curse for humanity. But the cursed era is virtually over. "

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