Saturday, April 27, 2019

シアトルの春 動物たちのイースター

イースター サンデーは瞬く間に過ぎてしまいましたけれど、動物たちのイースターも取り上げなければなりませんでした。

イースター マンデーにはウサギのカップルが、私のガーデンに入り込んでおりました。







Easter Sunday passed in quick, but I had to take up Easter for animals.
On Easter Monday, a couple of rabbits got into my garden.
In my flower garden, there are serious fences to prevent the invasion of animals !
So I was checking the gates in three places in the garden, the existence of a large animal was confirmed near the back hill.
It has to be a deer, if it is another animal that would otherwise be quite large, it would be troublesome. When I was staring , it was a deer that appeared. She also noticed that there was a sign of people and moved away quietly.
On that day, we also discovered couple of frogs dwelling water that sings through the night. They lived in a silly pool of water created after a heavy snowfall. Even eggs were laid.
" getting to be a zoo," said husband, and a son like the Chairman of the Animal Care Society is concerned about their food, clothing and shelter.
I was concerned only with flowers for Easter, but the animals were coming to the day of the resurrection of Jesus also.

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