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シアトルの晩秋 シルバーバーチとは Who is Silver Birch?

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地球上の霊的無知によるあらゆる人間の悲劇を解決するために、霊界においては長い長い年月を準備し、”死” の意味と ”死後の世界” についての正しい知識と情報の地上への働きかけが開始されたのが、1848年と言われています。






I knew that Silver Birch's spiritual lesson is said the world's three big spiritual messages.  I read some chapters of the beginning in many years ago, but the feeling that "the message about 200 years ago is somewhat old" As it was. Recently I found this is an "earth humanity relief project" that Jesus organizes the highest class spirit world and is proceeding in a systematic manner for people on earth that is a major plan promoted.
In order to solve every human tragedy caused by spiritual ignorance on the earth, they prepared a long long time in the spirit world, and  the correct knowledge about the meaning of "death" and "the world after death" and information on the ground that 1848 was started.
At the beginning of the approach, they began to appeal the reality of the soul to the ground through psychic phenomena and psychic spirit studies.  although many spiritual communications appeared, they said that they were all descended under the control of a large group of spiritual worlds that promote spiritualism.
When seeing how this spiritual group had coexisted with the established church, I think that the spirit group and the established church did not  work well. Organizations will go to the convenience of the organization.
The spirit group encouraged individuals, personal awakening. It is a very grateful guidance for us.
"It is not a single doctrine, a book, a church, it is the great spirit of life and its everlasting providence that we offer loyalty." - Silver Birch
This is the basic posture consistently with the silver birch.

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