Tuesday, October 2, 2018

シアトルの初秋 「国際リニアコライダー(International Linear Collider:ILC)」

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日本国が今年中に誘致を決めるか決めないかの瀬戸際に立っている、「国際リニアコライダー(International Linear Collider:ILC)」。です。


今日に至るまで素粒子の研究はその研究途上思いがけない発明をもたらし、我々の生活にこの上ない貢献をしてくれています。よく知られていることの一つは、スイスにある世界最大規模の素粒子研究施設「CERN」で世界初のウェブ、 WWW(ワールドワイドウェブ)が開発されました。日常生活で我々が当たり前のように使っているネットは、実は素粒子の研究の副産物だったのでした。



International Linear Collider (ILC)" standing on the brink of whether Japan decides to attract during this year.
Constructing the world's first next-generation accelerator to collaborate leading-edge technologies in Japan, the United States and Europe and collide "electron" and "positron", one of elementary particles, at the speed of light fronted on a straight line of 20 km To do.
Today the research of elementary particles brings unexpected inventions and contributes to the development of society. As a well-known thing, the world's first web, WWW (World Wide Web) was developed in Switzerland's world's largest elementary particle research facility "CERN". The net that we use today as a matter of fact is actually a byproduct of research on elementary particles.
Tracking elementary particles, "Everyone in the world, the universe is made of elementary particles, that is, knowing what elementary particles are, from how the universe is formed, how can we do so far It means that you can understand the basic structure such as the overall picture such as how it has evolved.
There was a beginning in the universe and behind. . .
Science = Spiritual The era when its perception quickly came, and the awareness of religion is fundamentally reexamined.

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